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General and important information in choosing the machine that suits you

Definition of CNC router machine:

Router machine is one of the most important basic machines in carpentry and advertising workshops that cannot be dispensed with at times because it completes the work as quickly as possible and with high efficiency compared to manual labor..

The most important works of Router machine:

Drilling on all the following materials:
  • Woods
  • Acrylic
  • Artlon
  • Aluminum
  • Calding
  • PVC
  • Korean
  • Maquette
  • Gypsum

Advantages of working on a router machine and replacing it with some woodworking machines:

  1. High accuracy in work efficiency and completion.
  2. High speed in completing work.
  3. Save several workers to replace them
  4. Save most local carpentry machines such as: (The tray, the saw, the raptor, and the khanah).

Criteria for determining the required specifications for the router machine:

The specifications of the router machine are determined based on the nature of the client’s work and field,

There are multiple types of routers machines depending on the required specifications.

The most important of these specifications are:

  • Type of motors
  • Motor power consumption
  • Spindle power
  • Mechanical specifications of the machine, such as (guide – rail – bearings)
  • Electricity supplying the machine (220V – 380V)

There are also three basic types of specifications that give the machine its name, the most important of which are:

  • Stepper machine
  • ماكينة السيرفو (Stepper)
  • ماكينة الهايبرد سيرفو (Hybrid servo)
  • المواصفات الميكانيكيه للماكينه مثل (الجايد – الريل – البلي)
  • الكهرباء المغذيه للماكينه (220V – 380V)

The type of machine is also chosen according to the nature of the client’s work, for example:​

  • The stepper machine is recommended for the customer who has light work and has few working hours in the scope of 2D works and few 3D works.
  • The hybrid servo machine is recommended for the customer with medium-sized businesses, It is not very laborious within the scope of the machine.
  • The servo machine is recommended for the customer who has a lot of heavy work, long working hours, and 3D operations in general..

Disadvantages and risks of the router machine projects:

  1. Failure to study the feasibility of the project fully and adequately.
  2. Practicing the project traditionally, not skillfully and craftsmanship.
  3. Lack of sufficient knowledge of information about wood, carpentry, and tile shapes.
  4. Lack of adequate learning on the design programs responsible for operating machines, which leads to searching for Designed for exorbitant amounts, which leads to the closure of the project..

Types of router machines:

  • There are many types of router machines, and they differ according to the nature of the work required and for example:
    • Flat router machines are machines that work on flat panels only, and there are different types:
      1. Multi-head router machine on one ruler
      2. Router machine with two separate heads
      3. Double head reciprocating router machine
  • Router machines equipped with an internal or external lathe.
  • Axial-moving router machines with a head called P AXE are used in drilling hinge locations, joints, and other industries.

Components and general specifications of the router:

  • The iron bed of the machine and its weight varies according to the size of the machine.
  • 12 Hiwin ball bearing, their size varies according to the size of the rail, whether the size of the rail is 20 mm or 25 ml.
  • The size of the rail varies according to the size of the machine, and its size also varies according to its specifications The customer, whether it is 20 or 25 ml.
  • The guide is the toothed newspaper, and its size also varies according to the size of the machine.
  • 3 Gear boxs.
  • 4 motors, their type varies according to the required specifications.
  • 1 ball Screw.
  • 1 or more spindle according to the machine’s specifications, including the following options:
HQD spindle

HQD Spindle is made of high-quality aluminum to ensure a longer service life for the router, ensuring speed and high processing accuracy. In addition, the spindle relies on air cooling. It is characterized by low cost, convenient use, and is suitable for simple operation.

Water cooling spindle

The water-cooled spindle is characterized by high quality and stable performance at a moderate cost, and is characterized by high speed and accuracy Its speeds also reach 24,000 revolutions/minute. Its main uses are in the fields of lathing and drilling on hard materials.


Spindle HSD features good heat dissipation, low noise, long service life and high precision. All parts used in the spindle are strictly inspected and of high quality to ensure the highest manufacturing accuracy.

  • 3 NPN sensors.
  • 4 drivers according to the type and specifications of the machine, whether it is stepper – hybrid servo – servo.
  • 1 inverter, depending on the type and specifications of the machine, whether it is LS or FOU.
  • System control A11 .

Work fields of router machine:

  • Office Furniture
  • Home furniture
  • Advertising workshops
  • contracting companies

Different types and shapes of router bits:

There are many types of fonts that differ depending on the design to be implemented, the most important of which are:

  • straight bits: It is called the Endamel bits, and it is used for cutting and vacuuming materials and straight paths and unloading panels
  • Ball Nose bits: These are called 3D shape fonts because they are used in implementing 3D designs.

Why choose Top Laser for router machine maintenance?

Top Laser is the best company to maintain your machine for several reasons, the most important of which are the following:
  • Quick response to the customer’s request and no delay in responding when requesting technical support, whether by phone or through a visit.
  • The technical and professional competence of the company’s maintenance engineers/strong>
  • Professionalism and experience in dealing with the customer, the method of responding, receiving the problem and understanding it over the phone before starting to solve it, which saves the customer a lot of time in the stages of solving the existing problem.
  • >Realistic and appropriate prices for maintenance costs and spare parts prices in the company
  • توفير دائم لكل قطع الغيار المطلوبة لكافة الماكينات التي توفرها الشركة.

2D engraving on wood

3D drawing on wood

You can also find more videos of engraving and drawing on various materials and reviews of some of our customers through the following link:

ماكينة الراوتر – YouTube

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