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XQL Letter Bending machine


Fully functional, three-in-one automatic bending machine, which has combined both the plate and profile processing. This system integrated the most convenient switching function of material and cutter, the design of double slotting cutter and double bending blade can easily deal with stainless steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum plate and aluminum profile and other materials processing. With the progressive clamping feeding system it surely realized the highest rate of return on investment in the market.

Alloy cutter knife blades slot system, using CNC lathe tool as plate slot cutting tools, carbide knife blade imported from germany, high strength, low dissipation 8 blade,
blade double replacement to save time , save labour without knife. the profile adopts the dc motor drive alloy knife slot ,Servo drive and high quality ball screw and linear guide rail to ensure that the tank should be smooth and smooth the amount of glue used in the system is calculated,

it is a tedious and time-consuming process to calculate the amount of glue in super -word production. the calculation function of glue usage in the software has a significant effect on improving the efficiency of processing.


Advantages :

1.stable bending arc and cutting. five-axis inkage mechanical structure- feeding. rise and fail cutting, bending arc, one-step forming to ensure the accuracy and stability of equipment cutting and bending arc

2. cutting adopts brushless DC speed governing motor, adjustable speed is better for various materials.

3. closed-loop detection system can ensure long-term precision of material length and error is less than 0.1 mm between the finished product and original file ,

4. linear guide locate the cutting can guarantee the stability of cutting .

5. arc bending coelfcient of restitution is intelligent compensation to ensure the forming precision of all kinds of materials 

6. test and operation is easy that is highly according with mehanical pinciple, accessories are standardized desgin and performance is st.

Technical Specifications

Feeding systemRoller feeding/ Cylinder clamping feeding
Slotting systemPlane cutter and alloy knife double cutters slotting
Bending systemDouble blade alternating bending system
Material height20-200 mm
Material thicknessStainless steel≤1.2mmaluminum≤1.5mm
Mini bending angleStainless steel, galvanized plate, aluminum R6
File FormatDXF, PLT
Machine DimensionsL1250 x W680 X H1430MM
PowerAC220V 50hz 2.0kw


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