• It is mainly used for making metal letters, it is usually used with channel letter bending machine and fiber laser cutting machine.
  • This model is multifunctional model table welding with hand held welding together.


  1. Applicable materials: stainless steel, steel plate, iron plate etc.
  2. It is equipped with a hand-held optical fiber welding head based on automatic laser welding head.
  3. Fiber hand-held welding head with 5 meters long fiber transmission line can insert freely and weld the complex word.
  4. Easy to operate, no technical requirements for the operator.
  5. No black spot on the surface, without surface treatment.


  1.  Automatic welding head can weld small and complex word , hand-held welding head can process big advertising letter or sign.
  2. Adopt the imported German SI/GI optical fiber with stable performance.
  3. Compared with the traditional welding, fiber laser welding is faster and high efficiency. Saving the cost of production.
  4. Marble table is heavy, stable and smooth, which is difficult to scratch on the surface.

Technical Specification

Working area100 CM*  80 CM* 20 CM
Laser power300 W
Laser typeYAG
Depth of welding1.2 mm
Total power< 7 kw
Input source220V , 40A, 50Hz
AttachmentsCCD camera and Red point


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